If you are a keen recorder player and would like to join HRS, there's only one way to find out what it's all about and that's to come and play!

In an ideal world, a recorder orchestra would consist of 36+ players:
1 sopranino
3 descants
8 trebles
8 tenors
8 basses
4 great basses
4 contrabasses
A sub contrabass if you're lucky!

While some HRS players are experienced musicians with admirable musical credentials, many are self taught enthusiasts who have had loads of playing experience and just love the whole ethos of the recorder orchestra ensemble.

To give you some idea of what to expect if you were to join HRS, the sopranino and descant playing lines require supremely confident and experienced solo players, but the treble, tenor and bass line players work in supportive groups of four to a section. If you play treble, tenor or bass, you would be assured of a supportive welcome while you familiarise yourself with the ensemble.

All you have to do is bring yourself, your own recorder (wood or plastic) and a music stand, to one of our listed rehearsals, and we'll provide the rest. You can book a trial session with no commitment either way by contacting HRS by email at or 07837 362870.

You can leave a message with your own contact details if necessary


The flat fee covers the 4 sessions at Colden Common (with tea/coffee and biscuits) from 10am-1pm. From April 8th, the day will be extended (by request) with a lunch break from 1pm-1.45pm, then an afternoon session of non-concert music until 3pm. Any member who is unable to participate in the afternoon session can leave earlier without any censure, but for administrative simplicity, there will be no adjustment to the £40 flat termly subscription.

NON MEMBER PLAYING GUESTS £12 per player per session

Last updated 26/2/23