HRS Future Projects

Hampshire Recorder Sinfonia is a recorder orchestra committed to:

HRS achieves these by:

Concert plans

View the Concerts and Events pages for details of future plans and projects.

HRS is always ready to consider invitations to play. New audiences are consistently astonished at the beguiling sound of the full complement of recorders, ranging from the tiny sopranino (22cm) to the massive contrabass (2.3m). At every concert performed, we hear the comment 'I didn't know recorders could do that!'

If you would like to invite HRS to play at a concert venue near to you, please direct your enquiries to HRS by email at

Charity Fundraising Concerts

How Your Fundraising Concert Works - for you

  1. You can choose the date and the time. Saturday evening at 7.30 is the favourite slot, but Sunday afternoon at 3.30 also works well.
  2. You provide the venue which should have a good resonant acoustic. Recorders respond well to a bit of an echo.
  3. You organise the ticketing and provide plenty of energetic publicity with the aim of pulling in a good-sized audience. Use radio, local newspapers, parish magazines and websites and local stores.
  4. You provide and serve refreshments during the interval.
  5. You have a vested interest in drawing in a large audience for your event as you retain all the profits once our expenses have been paid (details on application).

How Your Fundraising Concert Works - for us

  1. We prepare and perform a concert of two approximately 30 minute halves with a 20 minute interval. The programme will include music for all tastes, ranging right across the board from early music to present day. Seven sizes of instrument play an active role in all our programmes.
  2. We will help your publicity by advertising your event on our website and Facebook page and will circulate your concert information as widely as possible.
  3. We will need you to provide,

For further information please email HRS at

Links with other orchestras

Following a very successful exchange with Blockfluitensemble Praetorius in 2002-03, HRS continues to develop links with other recorder orchestras within and beyond the UK.

Outreach programme

HRS seeks to introduce the recorder to a wider audience, to improve the ‘image’ of the recorder as a reputable instrument and to extend awareness of recorder orchestra music. Plans include:


In 2008, HRS set up a successful concert initiative between the orchestra and local schools, the first of which marked the Golden Jubilee of St. Alban's School in Havant (Hampshire). This initiative, which was supported by The Elgar Society Education Partnership, involved young players from the school preparing specific repertoire in order to contribute to an HRS concert.

HRS school adoptions have enhanced local children’s playing opportunities and introduced their families and friends to the extensive capabilities of the recorder and the wider opportunities of recorder playing. HRS can ‘adopt’ no more than one school a year, and is open to invitations from Hampshire schools.